In classic meditation the mind is focused on bare experience, like the sensation of
breathing. But it can also be focused on some content.

Static content

In many religions this content is:

For example in Tibetan Buddhism the most-used meditative mantra is Om mane padme hum:


In Paganism, the content is often dynamic. You go on a mental journey to experience the elements, or a god or goddess, or something else of deep spiritual significance. This can be very enriching.

It is easiest at first to follow a narrative written by someone else. Bill Anderton's Meditation for Every Day includes many evocative visualisations of this sort. For a CD of seven recorded journeys, it is well worth the effort of tracking down Marian Green's The Paths of Magic CD: write with sae to BCM-SCL Quest, London WC1N 3XX (no website).